The Marcelo Gomes Freire Foundation is a Brazilian Non-profit Organization that acts on the suburbs of Goiânia-GO (Brazil). The programs and projects of this institution attend children and youth nowadays, seeking to strength a new way of learning that embraces knowledge, culture and citizenship.

Established by the lawyer  Marcelo Gomes Freire Doctor, the Marcelo Gomes Freire Foundation is acknowledged by UNESCO as world model in children and adolescents assistance in a social risk environment. 

The Institution approaches social themes throughout Art, Culture, Education and Sports. This strategy, set by many projects and actions that started to be developed in 2009, is one of the core elements that has been allowing us reach satisfactory outcomes and surpass complex challenges.

The Social Area is a key component to our success, as one of our specific goals is to mobilize the several social actors (families, schools and institutions connected to the local communities) to act in partnership with us.

Contribute to children and teenagers educational and cultural development so they can act with autonomy in changing their realities.

Being acknowledged as an organization that develops and disseminates practices which contribute to social changing.

Dignity – Fraternity – Perseverance -Solidarity

The Freire Fund Needs YOUR Help to Distribute its Funds!

Freire Fund for Health & Hope

4211 P.O Box –  Goiania-GO – Brazil – 74070-970


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